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Ashram & Retreat

Ashram Retreat

9223 Don Ross Drive
Angus, Ontario, L0M 1B0
Phone: 705-424-5114 or 416-615-2839

Ayurvedic Ashram & Retreat located 60 miles north of Toronto on one hundred and thirty acres of beautiful farmland with the frontage on the Nottawasaga River. Residential and day patients enjoy a tranquil setting and receive all services strictly based on Ayurvedic principles.

Clients benefit from some of the most knowledgeable Ayurvedic physicians in North America. Dr. Deepak Chopra is referring patients to the Ayurvedic medicine offered at this retreat.

Natural Health Care Services Offered

Ashram Retreat

Note: For Ayurvedic Medical services offered at the retreat, please refer to Ayurvedic Health Care Clinic

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