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Canadian College of Ayurvedic Medicine

Programs Available in C.C.A.M

The Canadian College of Ayurvedic Medicine is the only Ayurvedic Institution in North America which has Ayurvedic physicians highly trained at various universities and hospitals.

  1. Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine (D.Ay.M. or N.D) 4 years
  2. Certificate in Ayurvedic Medicine (C.Ay.M) 2 years

Other 1 year certificate courses:

Please Note - Courses will be offered only if registration is sufficient.

Certificate in Ayurvedic Medicine

First year

Second year

Tuition And Other Fees

Diploma in Ayurvedic medicine

First year

Second and third year

Fourth year

Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine (D.Ay.M. Or N.D) 4 years

Comprehensive course listing for the C.C.A.M four year diploma program.

First year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

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