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Dr. Tripathi

Dr. Tripathi, with forty years of Ayurvedic and Medical practice, is a highly qualified Ayurvedic Physician - He achieved "AYURVEDACHARYA" (Guru in Ayurvedic Medicine) from Banaras Hindu University - the world's premier Institution of Ayurvedic Medicine. In addition, Dr. Tripathi has a M.D., M.S. (USA). Dr. Tripathi is one of the few authentically qualified Ayurvedic physicians in North America. Presently he is Director of the Canadian College of Ayurvedic Medicine in Toronto.

He was first appointed at the teaching faculty of the College of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, in 1963 and served his Alma Mater until 1967. Thereafter he went to Europe and the USA on fellowships. He has also taught at various universities in India, Europe and the USA. He has been a physician for the World Olympics in Munich (1972), and Montreal (1976). Dr. Tripathi is the pioneer of Ayurvedic Medicine in North America. He came to this continent in May 1968 with the intention of establishing an Ayurvedic Hospital affiliated with a College where Undergraduate and Graduate training of high quality could be given in Ayurvedic Medicine. The goal of establishing a hospital is now in its developmental stages. Dr. Tripathi and his medical and non-medical colleagues are working very hard to accomplish this mission.

Ayurvedic Physicians

To be certified as an Ayurvedic Physician, the student must attend a qualified Ayurvedic Medical School for a minimum of five years and pass stringent professional examinations. There is also intensive clinical training in a hospital affiliated with the same medical school and accredited by the government. The candidate must then complete a one year internship to become qualified as a practicing physician. The physician must possess accurate knowledge of the root cause of disease as well as the means of cure and prevention of disease. The doctor must also purify her/his intellect in order to properly treat the patient. An Ayurvedic Doctor must be friendly and compassionate towards her/his patients. According to Ayurveda's ethical standards, the doctor must be a promoter of life.

Dr. Deepak Chopra has given North America a great deal of exposure to Ayurvedic Medicine by his appearances on TV, his talks, his books and clinics. Dr. Chopra refers patients to the Ayurvedic Medicine offered at this clinic.

Dr. Tripathi prepares medicine for the clinic at the Ayurvedic Retreat in Angus, Ontario.

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