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Treatments & Measures

Special Programs to Rejuvenate the Body / Mind and Spirit (Consciousness):

Ayurvedic Consultations

A complete evaluation of total well-being is based on three different energy forces of the body such as VATA (Air) , PITTA (Bile) and KAPHA (Water). Initial meeting with follow-up may include advice on diet, exercise, lifestyle, ecological and social relationships and further treatments.

Preventative Measures

Individuals are educated on preventative measures to enable them to maintain their good health and not fall ill in the future. It is always advisable to follow the natural laws in addition to a good diet, suitable environment and the most applicable social structure.

Swena - Herbal Detoxification

Yoga & Meditation

A unique form of scientific yoga based on principles of Ayurveda which corrects postural defects and improves cardiovascular and neuromuscular endurance.

Beneficial for almost every disease and for the promotion and development of healthy body, mind and spirit.

Pancha Karma

Pancha Karma is one of the most important treatment modalities in Ayurvedic Medicine. The doshas or humors are aggravated by dietary, seasonal or other factors such as excessive travel, exposure to environmental pollutants and stress. A method is needed whereby the excessive humors like air, bile and water in the body can be removed and the balance among the body energy will be created to maintain physiological equilibrium. Pancha Karma helps to achieve this balance, prevent future imbalances and enables the body to fully utilize the rejuvenation treatment. Traditionally, it is believed to increase longevity of life. Its complete process is applied to numerous physical and mental conditions like mucous in the chest, bile in the intestines, kapha (water) in the stomach and other parts of the body or gas accumulation in the large intestine.


Eliminates many diseases of the eyes, ears, nose and throat

Ayurvedic Massage

The oldest and most effective massage treatment available.



The Canadian College of Ayurvedic Medicine’s Clinic is based in Toronto. It is one of the institutions in North America that has experts that are highly trained in Ayurvedic Medicine as well as modern medicine. Our Ayurvedic Clinic is unique and offers almost all clinical services in the field of Natural Health Care.

Ayurvedic Medical Retreat

Our Ayurvedic College/Clinic has started a Natural Retreat on 150 acres of beautiful farm land on the Nottwassauga River, in Angus, Ontario. Clients stay in a tranquil setting and receive services and natural treatments based on holistic health care programs. We only use natural resources to achieve successful cures and to enhance the individual’s well being.

Rejuvenation Packages at the Ayurvedic Farm

Each package includes a single room with breakfast, two delicious Ayurvedically balanced meals and other educational programs.

Where Do You Begin?

Call the Canadian College of Ayurvedic Medicine at (416) 615-2839 to book an appointment. We are happy to provide a complete evaluation of your total physical Conditioning. From your evaluation, we will develop a personalized plan of treatment.

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